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All that has to occur is you have to be taken by Aliens and your beneficiary has to prove that.

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Car insurance and health insurance are standard types of insurance coverages.Since the 1950s the amount of alien abduction claims have raised dramatically, and they are still trending high across the world.The insurance policy is redeemed if the insured person is abducted by aliens.

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The insurance industry has been around for hundreds of years.

More recently the Alien Abduction Insurance Corporation has launched the idea of abduction insurance certificates as a unique gift for a lifetime premium.

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Listen (RealAudio 3.0) DC: Recent natural disasters have taxed the reserves of insurance companies worldwide.I'm sure you probably have a basic idea of what insurance is,. unturned and you can now get anything from pet health insurance to alien abduction insurance...

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Alien abduction insurance The first firm to boldly go where no insurer had gone before, the Florida-based UFO Abduction Insurance Co. premiered alien abduction.

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The truth is out there and can pay off very nicely if you find it.

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The insurance policy is redeemed if the insured person can prove they were abducted.

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Terrorism, economic depression, alien abductions, all sorts of bad things be going down. Alien abduction insurance is only valid on Earth.

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Alien abduction insurance offers precisely what the name says.

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Freinds, you know you needs this: Alien abduction insurance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alien abduction insurance is an insurance policy issued against.Insurance companies sell different types of insurance, some of them being really bizarre ones.

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Starr Companies is a global insurance and financial services organization providing innovative risk management solutions.Here are some of the bizarre things you can actually get insurance coverage for: Alien Abduction.

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You can always purchase an alien abduction insurance policy to cover this risk.When you think of the world of insurance and its numerous policies,.

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Just in case you are worried about being abducted by aliens in flying saucers, the St.UFO insurance dissected by the car insurance experts at CoverHound.In the late 1990s Joe Tagliarini appeared in the news and UFO media as someone selling insurance against.